When to sell Tata Power

Power stocks and the electric car maker Tesla have sky-rocketed since the Democrats took the Whitehouse in the year 2020. Tesla jumped 1300% (peak) from previous swing low of USD 29. Tata Power jumped 974% (peak) from previous swing low of INR 28.

I remember watching an analysis on YouTube, which emphasized that Democrats are more "environment conscious". If they won the election, they will do the Democrat thing i.e. make policies for the benefit of environment. So, power stocks, clean energy stocks (solar, wind) etc. will be benefited. It eventually happened, which can be seen in the prices of Tesla, Tata Power, Suzlon, Adani Power, etc.

Suzlon is an interesting case. Like Democrats and their environment policies in the US, India was also following the hype. Suzlon Energy's price increased 1300% (peak) since Nov 2020.
There is another reason, based on the shareholding pattern shared by the company on August 14, the promoters of the company held 13.3 percent stake in the company amounting to nearly 180 crore shares, of this stake, nearly 81 percent or 146 crore shares were pledged. Suzlon's promoters released pledge on 97.1 crore shares from SBICAP Trustee Company Ltd. It was another tailwind for Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Not a long time ago, we have been listening "electric" everywhere. The hype was great at that time, but soon AI (Artificial Intelligence) stolen the hype. I am not saying electrification will not happen. But, it might take a longer time than the market is realizing.
There is one more uncertainty, there is US election in Nov 2024.

So now I think it is a good time to book profits in Tata Power. It could be sold at Rs 260.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as an investment or trading advice. The analysis is based on my understanding and experience in the markets. You must do your own analysis and/or consult your financial advisor before investing or trading.
I expect anyone who is reading my writings to know that there is nothing "certain" in the markets. Neither the %gain on stock nor "out-performance" or "under-performance". There is a risk and opportunity cost involved in both, buying and selling. Selling at any price can often result in "opportunity loss" when the stock moves higher and higher. Human psychology is a culprit here. For e.g. I post any stock which seems undervalued or overvalued to me on tradingview. When anyone makes money on that, they wont appreciate me "a single word". But when they lose or it results in opportunity loss, they are bound to blame me. I don't criticize any person, because I know their psychology has defeated them. At last, there is nothing like "easy money" in the markets. The survival of the fittest holds absolutely true here.
Disclosure: I am short on Nifty50 via options for the next year.
Tata Motors also seems overvalued to me. The spending in India on consumer discretionary via retail loans (credit), are at considerably high levels. I think it is good time to book profits in Tata Motors. It can be bought at correction of >39% or at Rs 200 levels (may take years to reach that level). The decision to sell may result in opportunity loss. It is my view and you must consider your financial advisor before trading.

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