Buyin when they are Cryin

BATS:TC   TuanChe Limited
While the exact bottom isn't clearly in yet, some metal companies are trading at incredible discounts to their fundamental valuations. Moly companies have been 'on the outs' since China stopped building. Now that Japan has made it known it is about to go on a massive spending spree could some of that money flow into badly needed infrastructure ( ie steel)? And could a key ingredient (like Moly) once again 'catch a bid'? CRi's WDB Options Model ( has highlighted several Moly stock options that actually pay you the investor to take a position in the company - at these ridiculous valuations, I for one would be willing to take a position here, and get paid to do it!


TC is consolidating nicely right at/near our entry. A great seasonal entry window on a 'paid for' position....
An absolutely fantastic little stock picking tool/algo, the WDB Options Model ( highlights fundamentally valuable stocks (trading at less then book value with at least a third of that book value in cash) where the market actually pays you the investor to take a position in the company. Winter highlights include GLW, SNE and PWRD (all better than 50% gainers). Currently the model is flashing 'buy' signals within the metal space where standouts include TC, SSRI, IAG and TGB just to name a few....
ty Tim, indeed, nice bottom coming in technically on heavy volume. At way less then book value, I would be more than happy just to sit on this one for a while.
Great quote and commentary. Buying out of favor is the way to make extraordinary profits. Thanks for posting a great chart and it looks like a nice start to your call so far.