TCNNF Current Price $36 PT $50

OTC:TCNNF   Trulieve Cannabis Corporation
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TCNNF Current Price $36 Price Target $50
This company is a US based weed producer and retailer. Trueville cannabis is one of the rarely profitable cannabis firms. They are set to benefit greater than any other stock on the market from more states legalizing marijuana because they are a pure play US pot company. Why buy Canadian pot companies ( TLRY , ACB , SNDL ) that aren't profitable when the real weed market is in the US. For example the state of California alone is a larger market for cannabis sales than the entire country of Canada. Long term holder of TCNNF , Its my top pick of the pot sector.


They seem to have good management too. From what I can tell, they are reinvesting heavily, and management is significantly buying into the company. I think this is a smart play