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Tiger Reef, Inc. (TGRR)

Alert Price: $0.0009

Float: 20.86M

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We are coming off another highly successful week of trading.

Thursday's alert rallied over +15% from its lows, and closed at a new high of day price.

Monday's and Wednesday's alert also provided our members several opportunities to secure some significant gains.

We now plan to start the week off wish a fresh new alert that could double in price in just one session.

Please turn your immediate attention to Tiger Reef, Inc. (TGRR).

TGRR is a rare find in the CBD sector:
Trades at under a penny with a float of 20.86M
Just $18.7K worth of shares available to the public for trading.
Is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions tailored to companies operating in the cannabis and CBD sector.
Establishing an aggressive direct marketing campaign to increase customer base/revenue stream
Subpenny Stocks = Big Moves

We love these subpenny alerts because even the smallest move can result in massive gains for traders.

If you take a look at the chart, you will notice that early last month this one was sitting right at these exact levels before running 165% over two sessions. The month before it ran 180%.

We know that this one can run over a few sessions based on its trading history and this one may have started already!

Friday we saw TGRR move up 28% on fairly light volume .

We are anticipating more eyes on TGRR tomorrow, which could lead to a huge move for the CBD company.

As such, we are urging all of our members to start their research now, and add TGRR to the top of their watchlist for Monday.

About Tiger Reef: Tiger Reef, Inc. is a developer and operator of solar and clean renewable energy projects focused on reducing overall energy costs and the carbon footprint for Cannabidiol ( CBD ) producers and legalized marijuana growers. Tiger Reef also has developed a line of ultra-premium rums under the Tiger Reef® brand. For more information, visit

TGRR Plans to Dominate $492M Million Market

Last month TGRR signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for the acquisition of Atlas Solar Holdings, LLC (“Atlas Solar”).

The move represents a powerful step by the Company as it aggressively pursues a dominant position as a provider of tailored energy solutions targeting the $492 million market comprised of energy demand from cannabis and CBD producers.

“In our conversations with cannabis and CBD producers, the most important factor on these guys’ minds is how to compress energy costs,” commented J. Scott Sitra, Tiger Reef’s President and CEO . “According to our research, no one else out there is pursuing a pure-play strategy targeting tailored solutions to that rapidly growing problem. We have that solution and we are scaling up to make a run at dominating the niche.”

Management notes that Atlas Solar currently owns and operates a total of 34 state-of-the-art industrial solar installations producing over 420,000 KWh of solar electricity annually. As a result of this production level, Atlas Solar earns over 420 solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) per year. In addition, Atlas is producing positive net cash flow of approximately $120,000 annually from operations directly related to solar power generation.

The LOI provides for a ninety-day period of negotiation and good faith formalization of the terms of a transaction through which Tiger Reef seeks to purchase all of the assets and operations of Atlas Solar, with this 90-day period beginning upon the declaration of an “effective” date of Tiger Reef’s previously announced Regulation A offering documents by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), unless both parties agree to extend these terms.

“As we have previously communicated to investors, one of most important priorities with our newly accessed funding is the rapid expansion of our primary operations as the leading solution for the cannabis and CBD energy space,” continued Mr. Sitra. “Atlas Solar represents a perfect example of our sense of a strong ROI deployment of those funds because it directly augments the ammunition we have as we aggressively market our solution to companies that represent an exciting combination: they are both cash-rich and in sore need of a long-term path adjustment for energy costs, which is precisely what we have to offer.”

TGRR Announces Aggressive Direct Marketing Program Targeting Cannabis Cultivators

Last month, TGRR announced unveiled their comprehensive energy solution for cannabis cultivators as part of its new direct marketing program to address core energy efficiency concerns increasingly impacting large cultivators.

“The weight of evidence is now demonstrably pointing to a squeeze for many major producers in the cannabis space,” commented J. Scott Sitra, Tiger Reef’s President and CEO . “They need a new solution. More hype means more production. More production means tighter margins. Tighter margins mean lots of folks start to get pushed out of business if they can’t find a way to reduce the impact of their highest cost input, which in all cases is Energy.”

The Company notes that the problem of tightening margins for cannabis producers is beginning to trickle into media about the space. One such example is a recent article on the current situation faced by legal cannabis cultivators that boils down to a desperate need for cheaper energy. The article states that – on an energy-cost-per-square-foot measurement basis – marijuana growers use 10 times as much energy as a typical office building. The problem is so significant, according to the piece, that many local utilities providers are scrambling to understand how they can provide enough energy to support these facilities.

Tiger Reef is an emerging leader in clean, renewable solar solutions tailored specifically for marijuana growers and CBD producers. The Company’s solution can cut energy costs for most producers by up to 40%. Management believes that the added pressure of shrinking margins presents a powerful market opportunity, and the Company is moving to take advantage of that opportunity by launching an aggressive direct marketing program targeting major cultivators.

“Tiger Reef has a viable solution to preserving marijuana growers’ profit margins and keeping them competitive moving into the future,” continued Mr. Sitra. “Eventually, we anticipate similar margin pressures will start affecting the CBD producers’ bottom lines where Tiger Reef’s clean renewable solar solutions will also be in demand. It’s really business 101: the context is evolving toward one that powerfully favors solutions to the problems faced by the largest producers from one that favored solutions to the needs of consumers. And we are very well placed to thrive as that paradigm shifts.”

Recent Developments for TGRR:

Tiger Reef Issues CEO Letter on M&A and Targeting $492M Cannabis and CBD Solar Energy Market
Tiger Reef, Inc. (TGRR) (“Tiger Reef” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in cost-efficient clean energy solutions targeting the CBD and legal Cannabis markets and producer of ultra-premium rum under the Tiger Reef® brand designation, issues the following letter to Shareholders from the CEO:

Dear Valued Shareholder,

I want to start off today by expressing our deepest gratitude to our most loyal and committed shareholders. It has been a long road to get to our present moment of opportunity, and we couldn’t have made it here without your continued support. Today, I want to present a map of how we plan to reward that commitment by outlining the specific opportunity we believe will maximize shareholder value and future returns on capital invested in Tiger Reef.

Earlier this week, we announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) to acquire Atlas Solar Holdings, LLC (“Atlas”). We have been shopping for an opportunity like this for some time, and Atlas turned out to be a perfect fit for our needs as we ramp up our operations as a leading provider of renewable energy solutions tailored to companies operating in the cannabis and CBD sector.

It turns out that cannabis producers use 10 times as much energy as a typical office building. A 2018 New Frontier Data research study estimated that total power consumption for the entire legal cannabis industry in the U.S. clocked in at 4.1 billion kw/h of energy. At $0.12 per kw/h ( avg cost of electricity in US), that comes to $492 million. Given the enormous growth we are seeing in the space this year, one can imagine that number is extremely light as far as the true scope of this target market for energy solutions in 2019 and beyond.

The big point is this: CBD and cannabis producers are increasingly confronting a long-term profit margin squeeze that is the direct result of excessive energy costs and falling cannabis and CBD prices as the industry gradually and inevitably evolves into a commodity market.

Tiger Reef is, to our knowledge, the only publicly traded company targeting this problem with a viable solution and an aggressive path. Our solar energy solution should cut energy costs for most cannabis producers by up to 40%, and to do so with a fully-renewable energy source, which drives extra value in the form of image-building with a target consumer base (cannabis and CBD consumers) that tends to care a great deal about environmentally friendly energy solutions.

With growth in the CBD and cannabis marketplace continuing to accelerate, and the number of producers continuing to expand at a steady clip, we believe we are targeting an enormous market opportunity with this approach. We are pursuing this opportunity in two ways: expanding our capacity to provide energy and expanding our sales and marketing operations.

Our LOI with Atlas obviously represents the first of these ideas. Atlas currently owns and operates 34 industrial solar installations that, together, produce over 420,000 KWh of solar electricity on an annual basis, thereby also generating roughly 420 solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) each year as well. Atlas also produces a pile of net cash flows – over $120K per year as a direct result of its solar operations.

The second prong here is the establishment of an aggressive direct marketing campaign to drive home the point to producers in the space that we can help open up their margins in many cases. This is critical. We have a solution that can work, but we have to make sure our target market understands that. In this case, our target market is the producers. And we are building a sales force to create that awareness right now.

Energy costs are increasingly squeezing margins in the cannabis and CBD space. This is something that will dominate strategic discussions over coming months and quarters at many large and currently cash-rich production facilities.

We are going to do everything we can to be a part of those discussions and to have enough capacity to deliver on this powerful opportunity when called upon. We will strive to keep you updated as this process unfolds.

Best Regards,

J. Scott Sitra, President and CEO

Market Outlook

According to "," the 2017 market for Hemp was buoyant with 13% of the $820m US market being made up of Consumer textiles, CBD making up 23% of that market and Food being 17%. They project that CBD oil derived products will exceed $646 million alone by 2022.

The CBD market is one of the fastest growing consumer product markets on the planet right now, with some analysts projecting as much as 20x growth over the next 36 months. One of the truly unique facets to this growth curve is that has not been sponsored by any major existing brands from established large-cap corporate entities. It has been truly organic.

According to new data and research released by the Brightfield Group in recent days, sales of products containing CBD are expected top $5 billion this year alone, representing a 700% year/year increase, with much new growth beginning to be driven by product sales through mainstream retail chain stores. Management believes this is a key hallmark of accelerating mainstream adoption of CBD as a core consumer trend.

Technical Analysis

Based on our very own chart analysis, it appears that a bullish reversal is in the making, and a move of over +233% could be in the making.

TGRR saw a move of +29% on Friday on light volume .

Resistance seems thin, so a burst in volume could send shares soaring on Monday.

The Bottom Line

With its tight float and volatility , TGRR could be a daytraders dream come true.

The Company is well on its way to becoming a leading provider of renewable energy solutions tailored to companies operating in the cannabis and CBD sector.

We love these subpenny alerts because even the smallest move can result in massive gains for traders.

That being said, we ask that you start your research on TGRR immediately and consider building a position tomorrow morning at 9:30AM EST

(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order or basic Limit Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)

Best Regards,


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