THETA - Correction Before Major Upgrade

BINANCE:THETAUSDT   Theta Token / TetherUS

- Fibonacci Retracement
- Support & Resistance
- Order Block Flow Analysis
- Market Structure

Target: $2.01


If you go to Theta's website they have a timer counting down to their Mainnet 3.0 Launch in 20 Days!

I believe they will make another drop before this news is announced to wash out the paper hands

Once they are done correcting I will be looking for buys and I will do a follow up bullish markup

If you haven't done your research on this coin, I highly recommend you do :)

This is top 3 on my list for sure and I am so glad I am able to buy at discounted prices

Accumulate Accumulate Accumulate

Comment: Looking good so far

We have about 8 days until their big news announcement
Comment: Respect those lines Theta! :)
Comment: News Announcement incoming this week be prepared for some serious price action
Comment: Decision Time

How will Theta react when its news comes out?

As always patience

If my target is hit then wonderful but if not I have no problem purchasing at higher prices

Theta is a long term play for me and I plan on holding these coins for years :)
Comment: Well I was expecting more of a reaction when news came out but lets see how this plays

BTC influences the alts so if BTC retest its low that might drag Theta down

I am confident my target will hit with these last few days of price action but again in due time I will know more
Comment: Down we gooooo

Will my target be reached?

Lets wait and see :)
Comment: We might NOT hit my target BUT I am going to BUY anyways because they are following my strategy

The target was based off a fib projection

Lower is always better like i previously mentioned but what i care more about is direction and following my strategy

Once we break this current line I will be looking for BUYS

Accumulate Accumulate Accumulate
Comment: I am going to start accumulating the next few days...

Theta is going to have a RUN and I will follow up with another chart soon

I called the TOP of THETA few months back and now I am calling the bottom :)

you can in fact catch tops and bottoms consistently despite what they tell you

Its how I make my living ;)
Comment: I will be looking for buying opportunities over the next few days

BTC has started a bull run so theta will rise without a doubt

I will do a new markup and link it to this one

THETA when moon?
Comment: Love when price respects my lines

Theyre almost like magnets :)
Comment: Uh oh will my target still hit?!?!?

Sometimes I do move on a little too fast from my markups

I will be honest I wasn't sure if they would turn it back around so lets see

Either way I know the overall market is bullish and on a bull run so once I have more clarity I will do a follow up markup

In the meantime IF my target is hit wonderful

IF not then thats okay as well

So far I cant complain as Theta has respected my maze :)

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