THETA.USDT (Y21.P2.E4).Next phase to start

BINANCE:THETAUSDT   Theta Token / TetherUS
Hi All,

The story continues, both Theta and LINK are 2 I have interest in for potential.
BNB is done, profits circulated to other coins and these 2 are likely the ones.

Here we have price hitting 1st local target of the 0.618 fib level, with a strong rejection
Next will be the main target of 1 fib level. as it pauses up along the next fib level of 0.5 and again, 0.618.

The retest on the daily resistance is complete or almost complete.

Time to go long.

Target levels

All the best,
Comment: no entry signal yet... looks like BTC downward pressure has pushed the alts down as well, some more than others.
Eth, USDT, etc: 0xb5F47272B1C8DC17c6cCE98dCA5a40Ae72D28580