NYSE:THO   Thor Industries, Inc
EDIT: Sorry I didn't notice the KEY is unlabeled.
-The top red box in the key indicates stop losses
-The bottom green box in the key indicates buy zones

Followed this one for a while and have predicted the moves since the break over $100 pretty well, just haven't pulled the trigger on any trades yet.
Mostly due to the extreme swings it has. (Beta is just under 2.4 so this thing is pretty volatile)

This isn't one of my most confident trade ideas but I like following this stock and its a pretty fun stock to follow and predict.

Obviously with the high Beta, if we see a move into a bear market this stock could test the lower demand zones above $100 very quickly.
($110 range for higher demand, and $101-$103 for the lower demand range)

Trade active: First take profit price target reached.

The above trendline was last met with a break down due to firm supply

I expect consolidation between $136 and $142 until lack of supply in this current range is found. A break of the above trendline would strongly indicate another gap up to test secondary channel demand for price range above $150, with expected supply starting to filter in above $148
Trade active: $148 price target hit. Setting final take profit at a confirmation below green trend line below current price.
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