THYROCARE - Breakout from descending channel - Swing trade

This analysis is purely based on price action and chart pattern. The analysis is done in live market.

Analysis is done on daily TF hence it may take several days to couple of weeks to reach its target. Traders can also take advantage of this analysis in intraday trades.

Entry can be made at CMP or tomorrow above the high of today's candle.
Targets are shown in image. SL can be placed either below consolidation zone or below 880.

Never Run after the price. Always plan your trade & trade your plan

Keep trailing SL accordingly once entered into the trade.

This analysis is purely for education purpose. Kindly do your own study before entering into any trade .

To check how the stock performed last time it took crucial support of 0.618 level - check below image and compare the present price.

Feel Free to comment for any suggestion or query regarding price action analysis.