NASDAQ:TLRY   Tilray, Inc. - Class 2
On the chart, I have provided the 4 hr bullish Falling wedge pattern that led me to believe the bottom in near these price levels in the first place. She attempted to break this morning but failed so far. A convincing break with some volume would have been a beautiful site to see. We can see a decent buy volume come in upon the first touch of $13ish and I consider this to be a positive signal. The bullish divergence print in the RSI is picture perfect 👌. Long TLRY . This IS financial advice, and I say that because I am not some shill on Reddit who says this isn’t financial advice and then proceeds to act like some expert and basically ridicule anybody who questions their scams.
Comment: Although the resistance line is broken, I’m not convinced until the real bull volume comes in.


You did it you made the stock go UP
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