0% interest rate = Short Bonds!

NASDAQ:TLT   Ishares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF
I may be jumping the gun here, but with the emergency rate cut.
we are going to have to cut the rates some more next fomc meeting, and as the situation progress and with the way trump is whining about fed rate cuts.
there a high chance of certainty that they will eventually cut the rate to 0%, especially as corona cases get serious and hits 1 million. it's currently at 90k right now but there's without a doubt it will suppress 1 million.

i am looking to buy puts for 2021 and continue to double down if it keeps going up. Kinda like Michael Burry from "The Big Short" i will borrow money to keep doubling down if i have to! ITS A BOND BUBBLE!!!!! lolz

Corona virus reference

Comment: There's that TLT DROP i was talking about.
Closing puts if we hit $144, buying some calls there and then add on more puts once it bounces like $10.
Guarantee MOONEY
Comment: A lot of sheeps think that if interest rates hit 0%, people would want to buy 10 year bond, but that's quite opposite because the reason they cut rate is to encourage spending, which would boost the stock market. When the stock market drops very low, people would rather invest in the market than in bonds because they can make 100% return in the stock market in 10 years vs 2% return yearly for 10 years.

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