Observing the volume on the price to track actual big buyer

NYSE:TME   Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Technical analysis can be used in many ways.
Someone applies to AI projects and also someone uses only the trading view tools function that is enough to predict price the first sight.
As you may see in the chart view, we need to find the pattern of the accumulation phase.
The question is how we know the big buyers (insider/hedge fund/billionaire) are buying.

Normally the stocks will have price making, the price maker can be the owner, big buyer, hedge fund, and every beneficiary.
We need to follow the price maker, and you will able to make a big shot.

To find the big shot on stock, there are several methods.
I would like to share with you my methods for finding the big shot of trading.

1. Deep-down price

We need to find the panic sell from all traders (big/small traders).
It will be the first significant falling down of stock price at least 60 percent of the maximum price.
people need to don't trust the stock anymore.

2. Let it fall

After the price is falling down, you also don't know if this is the end of the bearish trend or not.
In this phase, we need to action nothing and wait until the volume increase in term of price.
Volume has 2 types. 1st is volume based on time. 2nd is volume based on price.

3. Acute-Angled Triangle of volume profile

The degree of the triangle will represent the buyer are buying.
the fewer degree of a triangle and a long time of stable price are the meaning that the big buyers are still not completed buying.
They will not let the price go up until they accumulate stock enough for running a new cycle.
Our duty is buying in this phase too.

These are only 3 examples from many for finding the stock to take a big shot.

We also can use coding to track which significant price of each stock of each month.