Inverse Head and Shoulders

NASDAQ:TNDM   Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc
It is like SELL SELL SELL until no one is left to demand increases..Setting bollinger bands on a 80 MA verses a 20 MA can show extreme selling pressure when candles fall out of the bottom band. Set them on a 3 standard deviation with a 80 MA to see Extreme selling pressure..

There is a falling wedge ( FW ) as well. Falling wedges slope down, both trendlines slope down and converge. Falling wedges occur in a downtrend and can be a sign of a reversal of a downtrend if price breaks up and over the top trendline. A falling wedge is opposite of a rising wedge and a FW is often bullish in the end. A rising wedge is almost always bearish in the end and occurs in an uptrend.

Volatile stock, just my opinion, so if you do not like the entry price today, maybe wait until tomorrow (o:

Long entry is a break over the neckline in an uptrend/98.70.

There has to be a downtrend leading in to an Inverse H&S pattern, it is a reversal pattern so there has to be something to reverse. The RS is higher than the LS (left shoulder) which can improve performance. The shoulders need to be in the same ball park as far as price but are very rarely the same exact price. The neckline does not have to be a straight line and can slope. This pattern performs well in a bull market as a rule..

The RS and the head are a "tweezer bottom" formation. The LS is not rounded so possibly an Adam x 3 bottom. One thing about this stock, is it can go up as quick as she falls down.

A lot of candle action going on with some long top wicks showing determination to break up. You can almost feel the price action and the bulls fighting only to be "beared" back down for the daily close. Finally a strong green candle breaks through the R of the neckline all in one day and also formed bullish candle formation to boot. TNDM appears to be ready right for a rally up.

Even though the trip down looks bearish , it is still a "higher Inverse H&S" than the previous one with the head being higher than the last one..the last Inv H&S was a tweezer bottom x 3..and the tweezer x 3 bottom before that one was even lower..So if someone were to hold this long term, I guess it has not been that awful in the scheme of things. It is just when we look at the market everyday, it just may seem so (o:

Lots of long wicks and tails often signal volatility , but some folks love volatility ..

Why does the market do this only to let the stock go up again?? What makes the world go around?? When you figure it out, please let me know! (o:

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