TopGlove.How do we "confirmed" trend reversal with Elliott Wave?

How Do we enter Buy and Confirmed the trend reversal of TopGlove or any trading instrument? .. The "one" and most critical level we must confirm and checkout is "where" is the "location" of the last wave "b" of the last swing low/high?!..

As TopGlove chart above. the last "b" wave of the last swing low is probably the "yellow circled"- B....The "last b" wave of wave v (cyan/light blue)..Where wave v (cyan/light blue) the last wave of wave (c)(Red) and wave (c)(Red) is the last leg of wave z (Green Circle) of the triple zigzag wave wxyxz (Green Circled).. And wave z (Green Circled) is the "LAST LEG!!!" of wave 4!! (Yellow)

So.. To confirmed the trend reversal of all down trend wave. Price need to break the high of wave B (yellow circled)! which is RM3.080 !!! BUT... Topglov price seem like forming double bottom on lower time frame chart. E.g 1h , 15 minute chart!! Without "kissing" the RM2.50 "benchmark" of major "Demand Zone".. We'll see how "cunning" institutional players is!!!