CRYPTO MARKET CAP. - CAREFUL! GamePlan for the Brain. Man.

CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL   Crypto Total Market Cap, $
So we can see a breakout on the daily market cap chart, we also have the GreyScale BTC unlock coming up this week. coincidence?

Well - maybe not. We see that Longs have stopped growing, this is somewhat odd and generally points to a short term reversal coming.

Likewise our shorts are beginning to build.

I would expect this to continue up until mid/late this week, there looks to be a very clear play on the market at the moment with the shorts growing in the short term. Once we reach the middle/ end of the week I believe we'll start to see the shorts top out, longs finish a small correction and start growing again, and btc dump so that investors can get a premium on their GBTC .

Gameplan? follow the money! We know from looking at our short chart that we probably aren't at the short term top as it's still rising, so take some longs until we see btc top out and bearish powers start to take over, then short HARD down to 33k ish .

This is gonna be rather aggravating for hodlers - but you're a patient bunch. For short term traders expect a couple days of excellent opportunities you should definitely capitalize on.

I think we're still quite early in the overall bull-run realistically, possible only a quarter of the way in. But we'll know soon if this is the case or we're in the denial phase and i'm guilty.

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