What's Your Best Investing Idea?

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Step 1 - Share your best investing idea in the comment section below.
Step 2 - Explain your idea in detail with facts or charts. You can also link to an idea you've published from your TradingView account.
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We hope everyone enjoys this event and we can do more like it in the coming months. Make sure to also use the comments below to meet others, chat about markets, and find new ideas.


It's important that we all support the most interesting ideas. It's not easy to openly share investment pitches as sometimes they don't go as planned, but that's why we need to encourage those who do. Sharing ideas helps others learn, find new opportunities, and give feedback. Additionally, those who are brave enough to share have skin in the game.

We look forward to reading all of the pitches! 📈

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There are so many great investing ideas out there....I'll just spit a few: Once you learn the basic fundamentals of investing and trading, keep learning. You likely don't know the half of it. Learn about your self and your thoughts and feelings first. Your psychology is the real battle field. Not the market and its data. Learn to make a decision and stick by it. Learn to live with that decision and move on to the next. Turn off the news. Turn off the YouTube channel. Turn off anything and everything that distracts. You can only focus on one thing at a time. Multi tasking is a myth (learn it the long-hard way or just simply believe it now). I bet you have 200 tabs open this very moment. Be honest with yourself. You only have so many good decisions in one single day. Know when you've ran out or learn when you will run out. Think about your thoughts. Become aware of them. Accept the things that you can and cannot change. Know the difference.
Own, hold and use crypto.
Probably one of my favorite things about investing and/or trading ideas is that they usually apply to other aspects of life. Get in touch with the very thing you understand as God. Get in touch with that, talk to it(in your head or whatever) and you'll beam like the sun.
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j_holley OhTheFuture
@OhTheFuture, As a poker player/trader I can whole heartedly give credit to the notion of going all-in ;) on what ever you're doing. These days distractions are everywhere and in greater volume then in any era before us; with more nuance and understanding of the human psyche then anyone can fully fathom. Understand that most things in this world are designed to captivate and draw your attention, which ultimately will effect your ability to think things through completely and logically. Be the master of your own voyage through life and don't give in to conventional thinking unwittingly. Hell, I even agree with the sentiment about getting in touch with your spirit, sometimes you just know something to be true... When you have kings and you KNOW someone has aces, when every inch of you is telling you not to make that move the book tells your too... Trust that deepest part of yourself.
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TradingView OhTheFuture
@OhTheFuture, Well said! We've sent you 200 Coins for your contribution to these comments and also for taking the time to share this.
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OhTheFuture TradingView
@TradingView, Wow, thank you!
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When the 2000 tech bubble popped, here's one story that was told about it: investors had abandoned solid fundamental metrics like Free Cash Flow and GAAP accounting in favor of sketchy metrics like "eyeballs."

When the current bubble pops, here's one story I think we'll tell about it: investors had abandoned solid fundamental metrics like Free Cash Flow and GAAP accounting in favor of heavily adjusted accounting like EBITDA.

This year I believe we are seeing a rotation back to a free cash flow accounting basis. That's why the freaking COWZ fund won't even give me a pullback to the 20-day EMA to add more shares. Not a single heckin' 20-day EMA touch since early March.

COWZ has a P/FCF ratio of about 7, making it a third the price of QQQ and less than half the price of SPY. It's less expensive by all other metrics too, including P/E, P/B, and especially P/S. COWZ is largely made up of companies that don't indulge in the accounting gimmicks that keep EBITDA high on crowd favorites like Tesla.

There are lots of great-quality companies in COWZ, but my favorite of the lot is IBM. With P/FCF at 7.88, IBM is a little pricier than some of the other holdings. (It's cheaper the overall ETF on a P/E basis, because IBM *does* engage in some of those accounting gimmicks.) But I like IBM because I think its growth potential is insane. This company has been the number one filer of patents every single year for over a decade, and by a wide margin. IBM is a leader not only in AI and cloud computing, but also in quantum computing. Quantum doesn't get the same hype some of these other technologies do, because only a few elite companies have access to it yet. But give it time. If some superpower or cryptocurrency blockchain encryption were to get brute-force hacked by a quantum computer, you'd suddenly hear a lot of hype. I also love IBM because of their announcement last week that they have developed a low-energy 2-nanometer computer chip. 2-nm chips are the holy grail of the semiconductor industry. IBM's breakthrough leapfrogs just about everyone in this space and puts it in a position to compete for semiconductor leadership with Taiwan Semiconductor Company, which currently trades at about 52 P/FCF. IBM is currently working on breaking upward out of its 10-year down trend:

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YRCapital ChristopherCarrollSmith
@ChristopherCarrollSmith, First of all I love your posts thank you for that. I had IBM on my radar but three things keep me away.1) They overpaid by a big margin to buy redhat , an analogous example would be if I go buy a bilk box for 100$. Second - They have fierce competition in almost all of their segments in which they are losing every year. Three, the legendary short trader Jim Chanos mentions that they use a lot of accounting gimmicks and he is short big time on it. Even if they say they have the 2nm tech , I would at least say they would require 5 years to materialize production three if they are super fast. I am bullish on the new ceo as I know his eductaional credentials but overall I am a bit cautious with IBM . COWZ definitely sounds great I will be watching from now on . thank you
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scheplick YRCapital
@YRCapital, One of my favorites to read as well! Also, this discussion has me thinking: I will have to look deeper into IBM. I had no idea they were working on 2NM chips in the first place. The space is quite competitive, and while I do like Chanos, he was shorting Tesla the entire way up. Don't get me wrong, smart guy and I have read a lot of his work. He has done a lot for the industry. At the same time, I've noticed his shorts are not working out as well as they once were.
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YRCapital scheplick
@scheplick, Agreed!
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@YRCapital, thabks for your comments. I always appreciate different perspectives. IBM's last ER was certainly really aggressively adjusted. They are undergoing major restructuring right now under the new CEO, and it's been very expensive, and they've adjusted all those costs out of their EBITDA. Still, they do have the cash flow.

Intel and TSM are working on 2 nm chips, but they won't be able to produce them until 2023. IBM has some time.
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