Parabolic Curve idea for $TRB BTC rounded bottom

***This is not financial advice. I'm posting this publicly in the hopes of gathering additional insight from other PCT Parabolic Curve Theory knowledged people. It is a personal investigation on PCT to find more precise correlations to other indicators***

For transparency I am invested in $TRB against BTC as I am an active trader.

This is a Daily chart on Tellor $TRB which is shaping a rounded bottom (RB) which has already touched base. It's an RB with an projected total span of approximately 313 days and already 75% in.
Price: currently 111,900 satoshi
Estimated top: 654,000 satoshi
ETA: approx. 84 days from publishing
Profit from actual position: 488%

I'm expecting the 4 bases of PCT to roughly hit around the highlighted yellow fibs marked from .b1 to 4

I'm linking this post to original publishing of my PCT research.

Tech indicators show Kumo cloud reversal, also shaping a clear RB pattern with relative decrease in volume at the base and multiple TK crossovers.