$TRIP Surge in travel coming

NASDAQ:TRIP   TripAdvisor, Inc

A number of reports have been released in recent weeks that hint at travel becoming red hot as the world pulls out of the covid crisis. With 50% of US adults now vaccinated expect people to use those stimulus checks to book trips and travel. We've all been pent up inside. This is one of the trades I am most excited about For June - August. My personal price target is between 46-52.

Beyond the reports we see the usual hallmarks of bulls attempting to regain control.

1) OBV has flipped the average and accumulation has started to occur
2) CMF has halted the downward decline as buying pressure from the accumulation is taking hold -- meaning that people now believe it may be worth more in the future where as two weeks ago they though it would be worth less.
3) the MACD short term has crossed over the MACD long term. Meaning that suddenly the average price is eating away at that 'negative average loss per day' and is pushing back towards a neutral 0 but with bullish momentum behind it.

This trade is still early on, but it's a good entry price if you're looking for a travel option. I looked at a large number of cruise lines, airlines, and other travel associated tickers. This one looks appealing because it's close to a recent low, has cheap options, and has a good chart--imo.

As always, control your risk, trade carefully. I am not responsible for your trades, gains, or losses. I just find ideas and present them.

Best of luck.