NASDAQ:TRIP   TripAdvisor, Inc
So funny story ,a few days back I wanted to buy TCOM ( after it bounced off the horizontal support of its longer term channel recently... I entered on the second green day after its reversal , or I thought so lol .But, I was not paying close enough attention and instead I bought TRIP in error. I was correct about it being a good time to jump on TCOM but I bought TRIP lol , so funny . Realized this a today and luckily for me however , TRIP also looks good !

I like the past 30 days price contractions and subsequent selling volumes showing us a significant reduction and I also like the strength the TRIP has displayed today too .

With that being said I made the necessary changes to to this order and today actually looks like the proper day to enter TRIP imo , so I figured I'd share . Lastly , as good as TCOM still looks , I will not enter it as I am a little late now for that one .

Only thing I don't love about TRIP is that the RSI is flat on the longer term as you can see , but I am willing to overlook that as rsi will probably still move up in the near term.

Good luck ~