TRX/BTC Showing Bear Signs 0% ROI

Hello, Trading view,

When BTC goes down this coin hardly moves. And then when BTC goes up this coin goes down even further. It's like nobody wants it. And the only people who bought it still have it from the first day it was on binance.

Here is another great new conecept of a coin. But just has a bad marketing team. And not enough daps to really drive the demand up for it yet. Sense most of these daps are focusing on lower demand services. Like arcade games that cost $.25 a play for your cell phone. Nobody really wants to use this coin to do that.

I commend there effort in trying somthing new. Where you take a popular movie and then try to market it off peoples emotions to get them to buy the coin. Which wroked for Doge coin. So I see why they did that. But I just don't see the same amount of professionalism needed in a dap platform that you need to attract a broad range of developers. It's like all this coin appeals to is just multimedia.

So in my opinion, this coin is going no where fast. You should sell it. And there is no way to trade short against it on a platform. If anybody has any they want to loan me, i'll be sure to pay it back with interest. PM me, we can use an escrow.




bitmex :)