MEGA WHALE Short and medium trading on TROY coin

Here's a one hour chart showing the trade setup for TROY. We can see a trading pattern and short term, the bulls have not proven themselves. There's a new mega whale coming on board this month. Sell NFTs, the current tulip craze, and burn TROY coins with the proceeds? OK, TROY TRADE, show up the burn address.

In any case, this has gone from a dead shitcoin with some possible high gains 100x

Keep track of Troy Trade (now back from the dead) at to get a sense of the fundamentals. On the TA, trades would wait for confirmed breakout to dog pile on this shitcoin again. I like to call the bottoms but that's a sport for fools, not professional traders.

Please comment, cheer or boo (with facts, not fiction or flawed biases).
Trade closed: stop reached
Comment: Note: what was stopped a while ago. Please not that my "long" is a trading long = short term. Seconds, minutes hours but not days. Bagholding shitcoins isn't the way to success. They have to be traded in this massive ponzi game of total shitcoins without a real purpose. ETH is #1 and BTC is #1 as of this instant and point in time. Daytrading shitcoins, good luck. Certainly not the type of activity you want to follow anyone. You'll be following a troop of clowns and when the music stops, you'll be going WTF where is everyone and why doesn't anyone want this shitcoin? Well, because your bagholding shit. Next time, don't buy shit unless you're sure someone else will think this is nice smelling shit! LOL TROY has potential to run so if you know how to surf the ocean of shit, you won't want my help. I'm unconventional in my trading style and it works for me. I might re-enter and re-exit TROY but 99% of these shitcoins are worth zero today so carefull buying shit, lots of shit sellers that will tell you it's great shit with great potential. Swam land in Florida is valuable these days... LOL You never know what shit people will buy! LOL

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