TrueFi had a great pump (6x in two days) and the price got above the triangle apex. Now the price is heading to the apex to test it as support and if the price drops to the BUY ZONE 0.4-0.37, I will be looking for longs. Targets 0.92 and 1.15.

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Trade active: White falling wedge broken and I finally loaded the boat @ 0.5440 🚢
Comment: Breaking the orange horizontal line should boost the price higher. 🚩🐂
Comment: False break up of the orange horizontal line subsequently sent the price down to the confluence of buy zone, white trendline and yellow trendline. Check the reaction on that strong support yourself. Now we need to get above red downtrendline. My targets are 1.15 and 1.59.
Comment: That buy zone acts as rock solid support. Price being compressed between the trendlines and buy zone. Breaking the red downtrendline will be critical imo. 2 consecutive closes above it should do the trick. 🌟
Comment: *...2 consecutive (DAILY) closes above... ☝️
Comment: 2nd consecutive daily close above the red downtrendline. Are we ready to go?
Comment: ...I think we are.
Comment: So TRU consolidated for bit longer actually, but now looks good again. Breaking of this horizontal resistance (white) would be confirmation of the breakout:
Comment: Here we go...
Comment: Price got comfortable above the RESISTANCE1 (now acting as support) and now needs to break RESISTANCE2 for further upside.

RESISTANCE2 being Neckline of Inverted Head and Shoulders. See down below👇