Tron BOOM or BUST? I think BOOM :)

Hi TradingView Family :)

Been quiet here since the market has been slow, which is a saving grace and allows me to focus on my personal life + business ventures. Here is my TA for TRX . NOTE: I am on a 1-2 months hold for this coin and I expect it to be my biggest payout in crypto yet.

We finally hit the middle point of the cup & handle that I see forming. We should see a more positive price action in the coming weeks to form the right hand side of the cup. My expectation to sell and profit off of this coin is in March. This will be my longest HODL to date. In the past I do not hold coins for more than a week. Since the market is quite and personal life has caught up to me, I am setting up my long-term positions for TRX .

#TRX has had some solid developments for the month of Jan. While their price action has not cleanly reflected its growth as a project, time will soon tell.

Currently the TRX team is recruiting and hiring key developers in the crypto space. Recent additions are from Alibaba, top tier financial institutions, and security developers. With a current team of 80 and goal of 100 by end of the year. They have also applied to open a San Francisco office which will be a big move to expanding into the USA markets and connecting with key start-up companies who would use and build off of the TRX ecosystem.

Current Partnerships:
Partnerships with Obike,, Baofeng, and an Aerospace company soon to be herald at the end of Jan. With more in the pipeline.

Things to look forward to:
Coinburn in March which will increase our holdings by a minimum of 20% ROI and with a massive influx of traders looking to profit off of the FOMO we should easily see a target of previous ATH @ 2000 satoshis.

Again a keynote. This is a 20-year long project. Yes, the whitepaper has had issues and the coin has undergone some FUD. All coins have, observe BTC , BCH, ETH, Tether (all had FUD) yet all continue to maintain a net positive price action + utilization growth from a year ago. We are still in the first inning of this coin + crypto as a whole so the overall view is positive. Even if people claim this is a shit-coin, its cheap price action will be a huge attraction to whales looking to pump markets.

As I have stated in the past with my Telegram group, Chinese companies love a great head start with a huge initial rise, a lul, then another massive growth increase.

NEO has had the very same exact price action stong ICO start and increase in price a huge drop and lul for 2-3 months and now to its most recent ATH in Jan. You can review my older NEO TA and be on the Look out for my upcoming NEO TA it has a short-term analysis + Long-term price expectations.

If we are looking for a more "real" world example, Alibaba Stock went from $120 (from IPO date) down to $45-50 range only to hit ATH in the $200's.

With Chinese companies all having similar price action, I can expect TRX to continue to move towards a possible growth.

Good luck with your trades & feel free to message me if you have any questions. If i don't happen to respond to you feel free to msg me again. I receive about 40-80 msgs per TA so it gets lost sometimes.
Comment: Hi Everyone! I have had a BTC TA sitting on the sidelines for about 5 days. It was something I personally have shared with my Telegram Group.

We have to keep a keen eye on BTC and the overall crypto markets. Chart do not lie, but unfortunately, bad news from BTC can drive markets southward. I will post it sometime tomorrow and please incorporate this into TRX's analysis.

I am still LONG in TRX, but BTC price action might have a negative impact on the overall crypto market. I will drop the link here when it is up.
Comment: For anyone interested in NEO here is my most recent TA. Please note I think TRX will have the same price action NEO is experiencing now in about a month or so.

Comment: Dropping my BTC TA later today. This will affect all Alt's across the board. Long story short, BTC is on the road towards $9200.
Comment: here is my BTC chart :) You can utilize this in your additional TA's to LTC and general alt coin market.

Comment: Hi Everyone please note we are still quite a ways out from TRX hitting ATH. any comments you see about TRX hitting ATH soon is false.

We have another 1-2 months before we see 2000 satoshi.

MIND YOU! I have already set my strategy of TRX being my long term HODL coin. I had to focus on my Real Estate Developments and personal life so I wanted to find a solid coin that has decent long term growth proposition.

Set your trading strategy based off of all aspects in your life :) and stick to it.

I already have a plan B, C, & D if things go sideways. Plan ahead and you will be fine.

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Thanks. And it hits HUOBI PRO exchange tonight too :) Get ready for blastoff.
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ronvat mrholgrave
@mrholgrave, and you think it will rise because it just hits Huobi???? that simple?? keeeeeep on dreaming.
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regalia ronvat
@ronvat,its cool bud :) we are still a ways away before the next ATH run. patience.
Thanks again mate :) I am still holding TRX.
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Just the buzz factor alone makes this a short gainer, lots of emotion on this one.
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regalia WARBUCK
@WARBUCK, Def a lot of emotion revolving TRX. This makes it a fun price action coin when the FOMO kicks in. I profited about 900% off of TRX on my first go around. Excited for another run!
+5 Reply
mrholgrave regalia
@regalia, I agree. I got the ico of the other company they are connected with OCN. They also list on HUOBI tonight. The family of coins they are putting together is fun to ride when the FOMO kicks in. Keep up the great work!
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Thanks for this.

Also, what do you think about so many people saying TRX isnt a good coin? Reading what you had to say about it has changed my mind about TRX.
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regalia PB604
@PB604, I won't invest in something I dont believe in. I only place TA's on coins I personally invest in. Personally, TRX will probably be one of my biggest payouts. Diversify on your investments. You don't to go all into something. Price action does not dictate the viability and the long term opportunity in this coin. I have seen no name coins that aren't even in the top 20 market caps hit $10-100, and i can barely find any research about it.

Remember people were bashing on BTC and calling for its demise post September ATH market correction. A month and a half later went from $4,500 -> $15,000.

I don't consider myself a die hard HODLER though. I am a trader and invester through and through. Always take profits. Crypto is too volatile to not.
PB604 regalia
@regalia, thank you for replying.

Also you wrote that the coin burn will give you 20% ROI minimum. But i hear people saying that not true?
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