Tron TRX update. Trade as you see fit. Broadening Wedge?

Hi all,

A quick update on TRXBTC . I see this playing out, really good for quick scalp trades, which I will be doing. I do have longs open from a previous post a while back, that caught trx in the buy in range perfectly.

Also, just had a test on the falling wedge , though I would have liked to see more buy volume since this was practically non existant. Furthermore, use larger timeframes and plot key trend lines , volume and basic TA.

Im not here to say when to long, short or how much leverage to use. If you're on here, you should know.

Trade safe, and always keep an eye on BTC .

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Comment: PS, overlay fib from the high to the low, bouncing perfectly in correlation with the wedge wedge
Comment: Well for those who had used this, well done. Don't be greedy though. I'm waiting for confirmation to long to the .618 fib at 218 sats (roughly since BitMEX doesn't follow price perfectly)