TRX/ETH Fibonacci Retracement Analysis

Based on my Fibonacci & Technical analysis , recent downward in price is a reflection of recent surge in price.

From Jan 2-5, TRX went from $0.006 to $0.28 during an explosive upward rise.

This has been followed by the predicted downward price correction before the next big run. My prediction is that the price will find its new support line located at $0.15 (near 0.618 Fibonacci line) on Jan 7th.

New support has been formed at $0.15 (0.00015 TRX/ETH ) to be ready for the next rebound up!

This is setting nicely up for the next new growth peak, predicted at 1.618 Fibonacci scale of $0.36 (0.00036960).

Before Reaching $0.36, next resistance line may reform at $0.28 (0.000282, the last peak from Jan 5) before breaking through to $0.36 (at 1.618 Fibonacci line).

For me, Tron has solid investment and talent to back it up. Now it is top 10 currency. I am very bullish with long term investment. Plan is to follow the ride using Fibonacci to predict the market.

Pick up more tron at 0.00015 then,

25% sell at 0.00028 ( TRX/ETH ) or $0.28. Then buy back in at 0.000197 ( TRX/ETH ) or $0.19.

25% sell at 0.00036 ( TRX/ETH ) or $0.36. Then buy back in at 0.00023 ( TRX/ETH ), or $0.23.

Keep 50% of holdings at all time for long term investment, or at least until it hits $10.

I welcome constructive comments. Thank you for reading and happy trading! =)
Comment: As predicted 16 hrs, TRXETH is stabilizing nicely at 0.00015. =) Now, getting ready for the upward rebound!
Comment: ***This is my opinion only. Please remember to invest at your own risk.***

If you like my analysis,
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TRX price is going up at $0.17 from $0.15 at the time of publishing this.
Thanks a lot for putting this up. How high do you think the rebound will be?
Tmcointrade AndrewLackie
@AndrewLackie, the peak will either go to 0.00028 or 0.00036 depending on how aggressive the upward run will be. You can read through my analysis. These numbers are derived from the previous resistance & the Fibonacci retracement
I would like to say if its ETH/TRX then...
25% sell at 0.00028 ( TRX/ETH -4.28% ) or $0.28. Then buy back in at 0.000197 ( TRX/ETH -4.28% ) or $0.19.

25% sell at 0.00036 ( TRX/ETH -4.28% ) or $0.36. Then buy back in at 0.00023 ( TRX/ETH -4.28% ), or $0.23.

Those numbers don't work. I'd need to figure out the ETH numbers to sell at that equals $.28 cents and $.36 cents.
Unless I missed something? Sorry not the greatest at the satoshi numbers. I work better with USD value but def need to convert them for reference.
Tmcointrade JoeySparkz17
@JoeySparkz17, you can figure out USD price by taking 0.00028 * current ethereum price (which is around $1000) = $0.28 Obviously ETH price will fluctuate. This post is mainly for ppl who are interested in trading between ETH/TRX...not to convert to USD. There is no exchange to my knowledge that would allow you to go from TRX to USD directly. Thus you have to convert to ETH or BTC first. good luck trading.

This is very interesting. I have never really been into market analysis, but I'm eager to learn more because of crypto trading.
Is there anywhere I can learn more?
Tmcointrade Kryptojourney
@Kryptojourney,Thanks for reading. There are several good resources. I would be cautious of "special class" that makes you pay $250 or more to learn their special technique. You should try learning material that is freely available online first before you think if it is worth paying for a special class. You would be better spending that $250 into a crypto you believe in. I would suggest & Under Guides section. They have a wealth of information. also has trading ideas that may be helpful to compare other technical analysis being given by other writers.

I see that you are a new member so I would provide you some useful tips that were once given to me. Always be cautious of investing in coins without solid background (i.e. all the ICO and coins that dont even have a working product like Cardano. There are a lot of coins that are pure speculation.Yes, it is true that you could make money with these speculative coins that dont even have a working product...but that is also how you lose a ton of money over nothing. I would do your research and learn about the coin then ask why is this coin better than the industry gold standards like BTC/ETH. If you want to learn more, check free material seen on I hope more ppl educate themselves so we can share more sound advice based on math & correct technical analysis. Lastly, always be on the look out for pump & dump schemes...which is common with new coins that pop up. When in doubt, invest in the top currencies (BTC/ETH/LTC/XMR/ZEC). I think investing in just all the cheap coins out there are not always the best unless the company has solid background and funds to support its future growth. With TRX, I think they have all those for me to believe that it will do great long term. Only time will tell... lastly, don't ever invest in more than what you are willing to lose. This is all a gamble...we use math & analysis to end up on the right side of the market but in reality noone can tell the future. I hope you have successful crypto trading. Good luck to everyone in 2018!
Tmcointrade Tmcointrade
@Tmcointrade, Another coin to be careful about is Ripple... It is not even a real coin so it is currently in a speculative rise...but it may just play itself out like holding a company stock. Ripple is an interesting "coin" but it is not a true coin where it will hold assets. Please do your analysis before getting caught up in the wave. I do have small holdings in Ripple coins but I am always very cautious about it as I am not sure when it may all fall down. This particular coin is acting like a typical crytocoin but everyone should do their is not a true coin that can hold value. W that said, ripple is up today...sometimes things just happen that make zero analytical sense. Good luck everyone~
Kryptojourney Tmcointrade
Wow, thanks a heap for the great information. I'll make sure to bookmark those pages and get more into it. So far I'm only holding some BTC, ETH, and TRX. I have like 10 cardano and 25 ripple too, just in case, but for now it seems that ETH and TRX in general ar good buys. I read somewhere that Jack Ma was investing in TRX, that is when I jumped on it. I've lost about 100 TRX on minute trades before I started getting into trading itself as a whole.
I can't say how much I appreciate this. Do you have a twitter?
Tmcointrade Kryptojourney
@Kryptojourney, Sorry. I dont use social media. Too many weirdo. =) There is nothing wrong with putting your investment in products you think will make money. Just be careful what you invest in. Cardano doesnt have a product so I don't understand why ppl would bet money on it except for the fact that it is going up right now. This is not a bad way to make money...but to me, I base my decision more on the fundamentals...what is the product they are selling and is it worth keeping it for long term? All the coins, I invest in are for long several years. TRX has plans to expand their network in 2025, and beyond. Always do your research and invest. You dont want to be caught in pump and dump schemes which are very common in coins that are cheap ( less than 5 dollars). You just have to know when to pull your money out and not wait for it to drop to nothing. I would recommend doing your homework and buy in products in what you believe in. That goes for all forms of investment...real estate, stocks, & Cryptocurrency. I will be posting my ideas here. Thanks for your comments.
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