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Before you crucify me... Yep I know! Market cap big big! Is that even possible? Well first target ($3.11 +22x) would put the market cap at around 190b. If I compare that to where the market is now it doesn't look likely but if I compare it to where I think the rest of the market will be by the end of the year; it starts looking more reasonable. However, the second target ($42 +340x) would put it at 2.7t... In its current state I don't think that's possible. But If there's one thing I've learnt from being in this market; it's that sometimes the chart can hint at what's going to happen well before it actually happens... So that makes me wonder what could get TRON to these crazy numbers? A massive token burn maybe? Some kind of burn function incorporated into the protocol that makes it deflationary? I'm just speculating now. Only thing I can say for sure is that if TRON gets back to my buy box I'll be loading the boat.

Key points:
  • A retrace back to .04c - 0.072c would be an awesome opportunity to get long
  • The stop-loss for this trade would be just under the 3/1 Gann fan line which is constantly moving higher
  • First target is $3.11 and is a confluence zone for the parallel channel and the 1/1 Gann fan line
  • Second target is the 1.618 fib target for a wave 3 and is also in confluence with the 1/1 Gann fan line if it takes until FEB 2022 to play out
  • Lets not even go into where the wave 5 is projected to go in 2024-25.

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