TRON Ecosystem Ready for Liftoff! (Elliott Wave Analysis)

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After doing a detailed Neowave / Elliott Wave analysis with Neowave Founder Glenn Neely, we came up with several potential counts for TRX . The above count is what I personally think is the most likely possibility because it follows all required rules as closely as possible compared to the other counts. Of 5 possible counts, 4 are bullish , and 1 is bearish but near term could still be bullish . Also out of the counts the above one is the one that makes the most sense BY FAR and I will only be considering the others if there is more information which eventually confirms one of those as being correct or the above chart as being incorrect.

Reasons why the above chart is nearly perfect:

In the first triangle:
  • Wave-a of the first triangle is violent as is expected in a contracting triangle
  • Wave-b is longer in time than wave-a
  • Wave-c is equal to (a+b)/2 and relates to wave-a by 62% in price
  • Wave-d is equal to (b+c)/2 in time and 38% of wave-b in price
  • Wave-e relates to (c+d)/2 in time
  • Wave-x retraces less than 62% of the contracting triangle

The first contracting triangle and the 2nd contracting triangle with reverse alternation have perfect alternation between them:
  • In 1st triangle wave-a and b are short and strong, in 2nd triangle they are long and weak
  • In 1st triangle wave-c is long and weak, in the 2nd it is short and strong
  • In 1st triangle wave-d is small and weak, in 2nd it is big and strong
  • In 1st triangle wave-e is very short, in 2nd triangle wave-e is very long

In the 2nd triangle:
  • Wave-a is slow and weak as expected with reverse alternation
  • Wave-b is equal to wave-a in time and retraced wave-a 62%
  • Wave-c is equal to (a+b)/4 in time, and equal to wave-a in price
  • Wave-d is equal to (b+c) in time, and equal to 162% of wave-b in price
  • Wave-e is equal to (c+d) in time, and equal to 62% of wave-a

Because there are virtually ALL required NeoWave time and price ratios, and because the triangles have perfect alternation between them, the evidence is STRONGLY favoring that we are about to complete this correction and see a MASSIVE move upward over the next few months.

This perfectly coincides with a new NFT protocol being released on TRON and promoted by celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and NeYo who are very popular in both China and the US. As well as several smaller TRON-based projects reaching significant milestones in their development, and increasing marketing efforts by the developers and third party promoters.

TRX is also getting close to having a deflationary supply as the amount from fees burned begins to overtake the amount of block rewards that are earned by the Super Representatives. As usage of the network continues to increase at a logarithmic pace so does the amount of fees burned, which is likely to lead to most of the supply of TRX being burned over time.

Early targets are $1-10 for TRX by this summer, and could go as higher than $100 by next year. Very late stage targets (within 10 years) could be higher than $10,000 as most of the supply of TRX will be burned and demand will have increased massively.

Projects on TRON that I also like which could potentially be more profitable than TRX in the long term:

TRX has broken out of the 2nd triangle and is likely going to see a massive follow through which could see TRX between $1-10 this summer and much higher next year.

This is also happening while simultaneous break outs are occurring on BTC and other cryptos and it seems like we're going to see a market wide rally happening very soon, probably even bigger than the one we saw in recent weeks.
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