TRON Could Be One of The Most Profitable Cryptos (Elliott Wave)

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Tron is in a very complex symmetrical pattern. There exists 3 differences in price, and 1 difference in time between adjacent waves. This fits within the rules for a symmetrical and also lines up nicely with the end of the more clear symmetrical that has formed on Bitcoin . Because the major trends are usually correlated we've likely found a bottom here and will start trending up at a similar rate as what we saw in December. This means that Tron could easily be one of the most profitable coins over the next year.

The mostly unfounded hate towards this coin from the media, and the perception that it was a "pump and dump," and the meteoric decline, have sufficiently shaken the weak hands from the market. This coin is fundamentally very sound. The leadership team is top of the line, and has already begun securing major partnerships and acquisitions. The Peiwo social media platform that is going to integrate Tron has already received an official endorsement from the Chinese government, allowing them special access to funding and resources from the government. The founder, Justin Sun, is the protege of Jack Ma, the found of Alibaba, and a partnership is likely on the horizon. There are also many other companies that are interested in working with Tron and will likely be announced over the next year. Tron may end up being one of the few cryptos aloud in China.

Tron can handle up to 10000 TPS on the first layer, vs, BTC 8 TPS , and ETH 16 TPS . The Tron virtual machine is also more developer friendly than ETH, and Tron has already started to gain a large development community. Tron is also significantly faster than BTC and ETH, with block times of 15 seconds. The scaling issue is going to affect BTC very hard over the next year, and it will create a significant drag on the price of BTC while many people choose to use alternative cryptocurrencies that will likely end up being much larger than BTC in market capitalization.

Also for the people that always say "but trillion dollar market caps!!!!!1!" it does not matter. It will never matter. Crypto is going to take over real fiat currency, and cause major deflationary pressures on most other assets once it becomes the main form of money. People will actually start SAVING money again, because money will be deflationary crypto, instead of shitty inflationary fiat currency that rapidly loses value, and the market capitalizations that are priced in dollars will eventually reach completely unthinkable levels because the dollar will be nearly worthless compared to today, because almost nobody will be using it anymore in 10+ years. Compared to most cryptos, the dollar has extremely restricted use cases, and we will easily see top cryptos over taking the dollar in market capitalization (20T+) over the next few years.



reminiscence of September~October 2017, Stella Lumens
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Tron is one of the two long term investments I will be making in cryptocurrencies.
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@Xzhi, What's the other one?
Xzhi RakeshRaavi
@RakeshRaavi, Bitcoin near 3500.
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@Xzhi, I like this Dude haha

That's pretty much my crypto portfolio as well lol BTC and Tron. Still waiting for a BTC drop before strengthening my position in both a bit more. You really think it'll hit 3.5k though?
Tron haters are totally clueless about Tron. If you ask them anything about Tron or why they hate Tron, the only thing they kept saying is Justin sun sucks! While they are totally clueless about how TRon is much more advance than ETH and most other projects.
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i agree with you
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Yes. That's one of the alts that all my eyes are on nowadays.
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Tron will explode suddenly in long term like Eth did in past...
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wtf is this bs, you can just draw a line going up to the heavens on virtually anything...such a crazy evaluation. you must be a holder of trx
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