Correction, Dip, or Bearish Market is coming?

ATR volatility is increasing, last candle show bearish engulfing , picturing from yesterday "so-called-dip" is showing bearish movement, and I think that last pattern looks like bear flag .
Also, as some of us know crypto market are kinda tidally-locked with BTC market movement, we should take a close look at what BTC market is doing.

So, are we really still on a bullish market? Let me know.
Anyway, just be careful.

- All indicator uses 24 length period to measure 24 hours statistics
- ATR is modified to use EMA instead of RMA
- ATR is modified to use HMA as a predicting oscillator
- I modify the DMI to look like MACD (don't know why, I just like it that way) and added RSI on top of it (not sure why)