Tron vs Tether | Bullish Can Grow More (Analysis by Request)

I just shared an update for Tron vs Bitcoin ( TRXBTC ), a link will be shared at the bottom of this post... Here we will be looking at Tron vs Tether (TRXUSDT).

The chart for TRXUSDT is also bullish ... Meaning, it has the potential to produce additional growth.

On the chart above we can notice the following signals:
  • A clear and strong break above EMA100 (yesterday's candlestick closed above 0.01824476).
  • Green/bull volume bars starting to show up.
  • Very strong RSI reaching almost 70.
  • Higher highs + higher lows since the 26-Sept. low was hit.
  • Bullish MACD .

The above signals make it clear that Tron is now moving in bulls water with a confirmed uptrend.

The next target is sitting at around 45% away from current prices or 0.03011156.

On the way down, if TRXUSDT moves down instead of up, we have the blue dashed lines to mark our main and strong support.

This is an easy setup and is very likely for Tron to continue to grow.

Thanks a lot for reading.
Thanks a lot for your continued support.


TRXBTC | Another Higher High for Tron | Massive Growth Ahead!
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Thanks for work
Can you have a look at pair KAVA/BTC ?
+1 Reply
@mazurk, Yes... Tomorrow I will share it.
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