TRX/USDT what happened to you babe ?

history repeats itself you can see this on the chart i think ttrx can get higher price but we have some problems if it will broke our trend line it can drops to 0.13 and you can buy it again on lower price because trx targets are higher than these price i have long position and my tp1 on the 0.16 then tp2 = 0.19
you can get 25% profit :S we will see what happened to the chart :D
dont forgot save profits
Trade closed: stop reached: my stop reached but you can w8 and buy trx on support line then we can see the higher targets :D
Trade active: ey baby traders i said you can buy it on support line again and i buy it on 0.1211 and w8 to get higher targets never forget to set SP and save profits these are important things in trade and they helped you to escaped from LIQ :P now we can sleep normaly :D
Trade closed: target reached: i close my long position from 0.1211 to 0.1329 and get 10% profit and i wait for the PB if pb candles is not strong we can get in again and get long positions
have a good trades