TRX 12h How much more to grow

The last time we did a global idea for TRXUSDT was in May of this year, less than two weeks before crypto prices started to collapse (ohhh, then we read a lot of hate .... "what are you writing, this growth can't be stopped, etc." but :)
Since then, the price of TRXUSD has managed to fall by -65%:

The TRXUSD price has been rising almost uncorrected for the past two months and has almost worked off all of its losses.
The TRXUSDT price has been trading in a 20% corridor of $0.10-0.12 for the last few days and most likely, buyers are preparing for another upward momentum.
To confirm their strength, buyers should at least keep the TRX price upper $0.10 for the next few days and at most hold above $0.12.

We assume that the growth retardation can start in the range of $0.13-0.144, in this zone fully compensates for the May fall. Deceleration in this area may be provoked by the fact that traders, who had been in a drawdown for 5 months, will want to fix position at break-even and forget about this negative experience.

If the area of $0.130-0.144 will not have critically large trading volumes, it will be a signal that the sell-off time has not come yet, and the growth itself may continue at low volumes, as it has been doing for the last months.
Targets for a move higher are shown on the chart — $0.155 and $0.169

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