💥TRX had {Bearish Triple TOP} >> ready now to Pump🚀🚀🚀

💥Hi my Friends,
🟩 As you see on the 4H chart
>>TRX had a {Bearish Triple Top Pattern} , this the reason why we had a big dip equal the left pump as mentioned on the chart
>>> Close 4H above the 0.104 $
0.104 -0.106$
✅First target >>> 0.123$
✅Second target >>> 0.137 - 0.14 $
✅Third target >>> 0.18 $
Close below 0.08 $
✅---September month is a crypto SALE month arrange your USDT and be ready for SALE
✅-- Always by the DIP and sell The pump
🟩TRON ( TRX ) one of the strongest asset on the market
🟩Trade Safely
🟩---------Not a financial advise

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Comment: TRX after the correction still in a good position due to respecting the Trendline and support as well.
if we get 4H close below the trendline or the support line will update
Check the updated chart on link below