TESLA - Makes A Full Recovery!

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
Tesla faced a massive setback in February 2021 where Tesla had some serious quality and safety issues affecting the acceleration and the batteries catching on fire. In China, the biggest market outside of the US, Tesla was being berated by regulators. This could be one of the reasons why the stock price of Tesla dropped over 35%.

Unfortunately Tesla also faced another blow at the same time in February 2021 when Audi released their flagship electric vehicle, Audi E-Tron GT , which is a direct competitor for Tesla's S model in terms of pricing and performance.

To top it all off, Elon managed to wipe off $15B off his net worth by one tweet. After Tesla adding $1.5billion of BTC to their balance sheet , Elon tweeted that the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum seemed a little high, which sent both Bitcoin and Tesla prices down a significant amount.

This can only be classed as a series of unfortunate events!

It took Tesla more than 6 months to recover from that massive setback in February 2021. It appears that it's onwards and upwards for Tesla now as they've been hitting almost every target!

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