$TSLA Looking for easy 10-15% gain

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
In the short term, TSLA will likely bounce upward off its trend line , making this play an easy 10% gain.

Long term, I'm guessing that the production quality of updated Model S and X cars will be much higher than previous cars, sending the stock back into the 800-900 range, if not higher.

Having said that, if TSLA didn't fix its production quality issues while retooling its production lines, then this company is ran by a bunch of buffoons and its stock deserves to crash.


Elon on SNL this Saturday, stock could go either way.
@kurtsaik, What do you mean? Should TSLA be increased?
kurtsaik strawserpbiggskc61
@strawserpbiggskc61, Hard to say with Elon. If he bombs the event, stock could go down . If he is entertaining and the SNL crowd likes him anything can happen. I'm sure the stock can pop from the latest earnings pull back that we witness today. As for Market day Monday, I will have my popcorn ready. :)