$TSLA as neutral as it gets

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
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Elon Musk: "Tesla has diamond hands"

$TSLA is one of the top most talked about and traded stocks right now. Its staggering growth within the past two years is evidence of its potential, but regardless $TSLA was long overdue for a correction at some point.

$TSLA now sits at $618.45 per share after correcting from its 52-week high of $900.4.

My team has analyzed the financial sheets of numerous companies, large and small, but only few have matched the absolute beauty that $TSLA really is behind the scenes. Not to mention the fact that $TSLA is so much further ahead with their electric vehicles and self-driving technology than the likes of competitors such as Ford, Toyota, GM , and even Nio .

My team is patiently waiting for $TSLA to breakout from the triangle on our chart.

We believe in our hearts that $TSLA will continue to be a dominant player in the market long-term, but sometimes believing just isn't enough. So for now we remain neutral on the sidelines.

Our patience will be rewarded...

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