TSLA update.

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
TSLA update. I received a lot of private inquiries, so again I update with the latest analysis. The latest analysis, like other Tesla analyzes, once again worked well. Therefore, I did not change the analytical strategy. Current analysis shows that the fair price of Tesla rose nearly 230USD in two days. Currently 937usd. Of course, the fair value usually decreases for page movements. You can also see today's technical ATR bar, which I am awaiting for correction. And I assume that later sideways movement will occur in this band. This band is currently 728-891usd. Also, my analysis shows a red rectangle . This is called a "spike area" The exchange rate can go to these areas as well. The rule is that you cannot stay in chart areas for a longer period of time. It is further shown that you can achieve the current accumulation band by copying an earlier, significantly smaller fractal . FINAL CONCLUSION. The TSLA chart has entered an accumulation phase. Once this is completed, further increases are expected. The next target price is 1129usd.


TSLA is now just relaxing and waiting for the next big pump. Great post. Thanks. 👍
meszaros Captain_Walker
@Captain_Walker, Thanks.
@meszaros such a great analysis once again, as always!!! Let's see it going up again :)
meszaros Erionzogkou
@Erionzogkou, Thank you very much. 😊👍