How to choose between Two stocks in the same sector?

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
A comparison between NASDAQ:TSLA and NYSE:NIO

Trader point of view:

Tesla and NIO have a significant positive correlation, which means they will go in the same direction, no matter high or low, they go together!

NIO / Tesla price ratio YTD:
How you can benefit from this?
When NIO / Tesla reaches 0.08, sell NIO , and when it is near 0. 05 Buy NIO

If you are a trader and love to work on volatility , Buyin and Shorting NIO will always be better than Tesla!

Investor point of view:
If you are an investor, investing in tesla would be a better option for you because of lower volatility and better performance! however, I recommend investing in neither Tesla nor NIO .
They both have experienced a decrease in trading volume in 2021, and made lower high patterns in weekly charts:

Comment: Another example:
Apple vs Microsoft
Comment: I use this indicator for correlation: developed by balipour..!
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