TSLA day Chart - This is my system and i've added notes

There’s really no way to explain my system. It is just a system that I have developed over the past 13 to 14 years. It started when I was using dynamic symmetry in the bounding box of time for trading currency pairs. It worked amazingly well; there were times where I could literally draw a little circle with an X mark and have the line hit the X mark exactly when and where I wanted it to. This told me that this was occurring because of the inclusion of automation bots, and now AI.

When I moved this technique to the stock market and later to cryptocurrency, I found that there was always a correlation. As soon as the bots got involved—by that, I mean stocks that just start out don’t often follow that pattern, but big companies that go public seem to add in knowledge of this pattern. That’s not something I can prove; it’s just that their actions seem to take place exactly at certain peak points.

When I look at charts, like this chart here for Tesla, you can see there’s this almost 2-year-long plus resistance and almost 2-year-long plus support. These were in place before the ticker crossed their path from the very first time they created a reflection point in the very beginning of this stock's movement. So, in these new movements, there’s never a 100% way to tell exactly what’s going to happen, but there is a way to measure through the doldrums of every day. That’s where I believe the bots look at these matrices of trend lines, marking resistance and support, and there are these points where they intersect that become hubs—almost as if these hubs have a controlling factor like a water wheel.

The geometry from these hubs is often an equality in the spacing of the trend line, and you can see that the movement will often jump through the negative spaces and grab onto a trend line as if it were a web that the spider were crawling upon. In its own movement, creating a new line to track into the total geometry.


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