TSLA is going to burst soon, SHORT

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
I believe that the stock price of Tesla will plummet before February 2021 due to a few technical and fundamental factors, which are:
  • Trailing P/E ratio of 1,349.27
    696.45% 52 week change, there's going to have to be a correction
    Rising wedge on the weekly and daily timeframe
    RSI overbought on the weekly and daily being a common occurrence
I believe that TSLA has only been bullish for so long because of hype and uneducated retail investors pumping the price
This is just another bubble that will burst very soon
Comment: this is just my opinion, not advice :)


I advise a change to log scale on the price axis to get a better picture. Stocks tend to follow more percentage movements than they do linear price movements.
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szykopkurwa KaiserTom
@KaiserTom, i'll redo this soon
Clearly your analysis is wrong. It is short sightedness, lack of vision and understanding of the nature, scale and scope of the business that has led you make and assessment based on current and traditional P/E valuation metric through a narrow lense. Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer. Tesla has so many other branches to its business that are growing organically and exponentially. Tesla is just at the start of exponential growth story. And will become the biggest company in the world my Market Capitalisation within 3 years. Tesla with cross 3 Trillion Market Cap in 2023. Keep this note for future reference.
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szykopkurwa Zaim1971
@Zaim1971, you are correct, as you can tell from my new idea on TSLA, i am suggesting a correction. thank you for the comment, have a good day
At what price do you think it will overturn?
szykopkurwa modelair333
@modelair333, around $780