TSLA is en-route to becoming an off-planet mining company.

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
I have been following Tesla since back in the day and I have never read anything about this.

For this summary, I am going to umbrella all of Elon Musk's work under the name Tesla . I know this is currently fundamentally incorrect but Musk has made suggestions that he will try to grant owners of TSLA some sort of privileged access to SpaceX shares if it goes public so I am going to loosely hold onto that thread for simplicity's sake.

It is clear to me that almost all the work that is being done by Tesla all points in one direction.

Simply put, what do you get when you combine:
1. electric power-trains ( Tesla cars)
2. robotics (robotic manufacturing of Tesla cars)
3. robots (the recent suggestion of creating general purpose humanoid robots)
3. solar power
4. boring ( aka mining)
5. space flight

You get off-planet mining, with the ore processing and manufacturing plants in space.

Think about it:
You have essentially unlimited power in space through solar generation.
Although electricity != propulsion, because things like ion propulsion engines require physical fuel, such fuel can be mined. Essentially you could even just shoot iron pellets off the back of a space ship using electro-magnet based accelerators to move craft.
WIth essentially unlimited solar power generation in space you could launch a simple, initial ore processing facility into space and from that you could build successively larger ore processing facilities.
The final product can either be shipped back to Earth or it can be used to build in space itself...enter Starbases 001.

All this will be highly automated.

I do not see this as being too relevant to TSLA's current share price as it is too far in the future. But I'm not sure why nobody else sees that most if not all of Musk's moves from the past few years are clearly pointing to off-planet mining, so I thought I would point it out.

I do not go into technical specifics here because I don't have the background to break things down.
There are many hurdles to be overcome.
This is still very much sci-fi, with emphasis on the `fiction` part.

The chart is simply an observation of TSLA bouncing off the 200DMA. How long the current bull market will last is anyone's guess. Looks to me like it has lost it's steam and will drop soon.

I do not own any TSLA .

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