Tesla fall from Mars?

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
Tesla on the weekly TF draws us the price discrepancy with the MACD and CCI histogram, maybe we can go and test the bottom of the trade for $ 250. On the line chart for a week, double top confirmation will be $ 326.

Option 1: the entrance to the passage price tag $ 326, stop about 2-3%, profit part of the $ 300 (10%) and part of about $ 250 (20%)

Option 2: input from current parts, maybe the price will still test $ 250, they will place a limit order and go to stop if the price goes above $ 360, stop too big in that case, but priorities are good, so you can try to pick up short parts
Trade active: part of sell 333$, stop 348$
Trade active: The flight is normal, Houston we have no problems))
Put a stop at $ 318 (Profit 4.5% - great). From Tesla, you can expect anything, volatility can pick up already acquired)). The goal is a re-entry into a short in the region of $ 320-330, but according to the situation I’ll still be watching, what if we have a false breakthrough, anything can happen. Guards convergence for an hour and two TF
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: Opened a deal at $ 315, came out at 305, took another 4% profit. It was possible not to go out, the first part of the script was played completely. Perhaps below $ 300, once again I'll go to $ 270.