Tesla complacency is over. Watch it crash and burn. Dumb scam.

Can you imagine a Tesla bull say "evil big money they knew" when all this information was available to the public?
I would not be surprised actually. I don't get how clowns like this get involved.
Nyways this is the story:

Elon & Kimbal start in 1995 with a dot com company named Zip2, with money raised from a small group of angel investors.

They took advantage of the dot com bubble hype to rapidly become millionaires.

In March 1999, at the peak of the dot com bubble when irrational exuberance was off the charts Elon made 165 million $ from selling one of the first online banks. It merged with another company that had a product named paypal. We do not know how much of is into paypal. Elon gets kicked as a CEO because he has too many bad ideas and paypal goes on to become successful without him.

In 2001 Elon Musk starts SpaceX, another hype ponzi - er I mean company, that attracts alot of interest from the public.

All along the way Elon works on his personality cult.

In 2003 Tesla comes to existence. It is supposed to change the world, starts with luxury cars, then switches to cheaper ones. Lots and lots of hype around it.
The company has not had a profitable year since its creation, interestingly its r&d green budget is one of the lowest of all car companies.

2006: SolarCity, to have "clean energy" and "save the planet" hype hype. One of the world's biggest polluters. Who knows, we might all die from all the heavy metal they dumped in nature. Great. Disgusting.

Apart from that he started all kinds of hype projects. Dozens of them. He just likes throwing hype ideas around. That's literally all he did his whole life and became a billionaire for it. Throw around dozens of ideas start a business and then that's it. Nothing never gets done nothing ever becomes successful (unless his company merges with another one and he gets kicked as CEO ). I am sure every one has had the pleasure to meet people like this in their lives "oh ye i'll do this and this and that" taking plenty of responsabilities, too much to be able to respect them, and of course nothing gets done.

Tesla is just another name for "Elon Musk reality show". It's all hype, and unsurprisingly it attracted all kinds of idiots.
I wonder how many "Bitcoin true believers" are also "Tesla true believers", I am curious to know if it is 99.7% or 99.8%.

The facts were available to every one. Company is trash. Complete scam.
The big whales have dumped on all these "true believers" fools, and once again, like every single time, the public is now rekt.
Every one knows how this work, yet, somehow "Nooo I won't sell 'they' want to buy my stock cheap". I don't even get it. Last 500 billion times it happened the same way. W/e.


If someone wants to invest in EV , there are plenty others. And hybrids are really good, better. Guess what works? Taking it slow, one step at a time, and making sure everything works smoothly. Saying you want to go from 0 to 100 gets the public excited. Saying you want to build a colony on Mars gets the public excited. But the public is made of idiots, and changes have to be progressive. Hybrids are really good, the perfect compromise, and the first step. Some EV are great but really expensive as of now.

Once again, Elon bite off more than he could chew.

He can't help himself, he just loves to start futuristic stuff that is bound to failure: Gigafactory Hyperloop Hyperloop Neuralink.
And he spends his time seducing people, and when someone doesn't fall for it he gets angry. Typical. So funny. pretty sad too.

This is how it usually looks like

And zooming in on the bear part

Remember when Bitcoin broke the downtrend & had a golden cross and the bear market was over?

I'll end with just 1 word:
Comment: All the people famous for shorting and being right, even one of the guys the big short movie was made about (or maybe more) is short Tesla.

Here are numbers from 2017 & 2018:

Market cap 2018
GM 54.5 billion
Tesla 52 billion
Nissan 35 billion
Ford 33.5 billion

R&D spending 2017
GM 8.1 billion
Ford 7.3 billion
Nissan 4.5 billion (500b yen)
Tesla 1.4 billion

Revenus 2018
Ford 160 billion (slight increase)
GM 147 Billion (slight increase)
Nissan 100 Billion (slight increase)
Tesla 21 Billion (+82% from 2017 & 2017 was + 68% & 2016 was + 73%)

Profit in 2018
GM 8 billion
Nissan 5 billion
Ford 3.6 billion
Tesla -1 billion

Profit in 2017
Ford 7.7 billion
Nissan 6.5 billion
Tesla -2 billion
GM -4 billion

Profit in 2016
GM 9.5 billion
Nissan 6.5 billion
Ford 4.5 billion
Tesla -0.675 billion

Production output
Ford 6.6 million cars (2017)
GM 8.4 million cars (2018)
Nissan 5.5 million cars (2016 - sold 5.7 million in 2017 according to their latest report)
Tesla - lol - 0.24 million (2018)

As a comparison, according to 2017/2018 Jaguar Land Rover report:
They sold (and produced about the same amount) 600,000 cars (up 1.7%)
Their revenue is 26 billion £.
Earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortisation 2.8 bil £
Profit after tax is still 1.1 billion £ (~1.5 billion $)

JLR is owned by Tata Motors which market cap is 10 billion. They have plenty of subsidiaries JLR is just one of many. 10 billion seems low, correct me if I'm wrong.

You know, when Tesla makes money, it's by selling emission credits to dirty car manufacturers. So whatever they "save" ends up being produced somewhere else anyway and the end result is the same. And
Really helping the environment here.

Additional facts:
Producing its 100 kwh battery Tesla produces 17.5 tons of CO2. Takes from 3 to 8 years of driving a full oil car to make that. Twice as much with diesel cars with good engines (Jaguar’s advanced range of clean and efficient four-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines with CO2 emissions from as low as 134g/km. )

Not going to look at Hybrids and all the numbers I am not interested in making a full in depth analysis either. Or maybe I'll check little by little to learn a bit.

Tesla prides itself in recycling its batteries, BUT they don't do it!
Umicore does it! (didn't I trade this company a few months ago lol)

Elon Musk has a private jet he uses very often. In 2018 he flew it 150,000 miles or 240,000 km or 6 times around the earth or 40 Paris-New York or 60 NY-LA.

Tesla in a nutshell: Taking plenty of funding from gullible investors, generating nothing, not even helping "the environment", older investors were paid with newer investors money, and they won't be able to get their money back pretty much. What's the P word I am looking for? :D
Comment: I looked at a few similar companies, they usually get valued at 50 million, something like that.

If Tesla valuation drops to 5 billion, still pretty high, but not twice as big as Ford which is stupid, the share price would be 29$.

If Tesla valuation dropped to 500 million, which I feel is still too much for this fraud, share price would be $2.90.

A few cents sounds just about right, but probably won't go that low because there will still be "true believers" that buy a bankrupt pos because "uuuuh this is like lottery right? what if the price goes up back to 400$? Yes it's impossible but 'what if'" (kys).
Comment: I am just going to leave this here:

Tesla faces $139,000 environmental pollution fine from Bay Area Air Quality Management District at Fremont electric car factory | For spewing pollutants into the air.

Comment: Copy pasted the wrong news. That is from 2 months ago. My bad.

Today headlines:
Tesla's Battery Supplier Forecasts Drop in Earnings, Sales

Some Tesla Performance models can no longer access full power due to "a bug", report says

Tesla faces twin assault as Mercedes, VW start taking orders for first long-range EVs

Another Elon Musk Desperate Ploy: Sell Car Insurance to Tesla Owners

Morgan Stanley says it's too easy to own a Tesla now and that's hurting the brand

Comment: Tesla #fundamentals took a big gap down.
Does not look like "very very strong very cheap" 250$ is holding.
Yikes. Going to have to update my watchlist ctrl+f replace all "TSLA" "TSLAQ".

Comment: Just buy the dip, it is going to bounce eventually.

The rektage is real.
"Willy bot was built to stabilize the market"
- Mark Karpelès, master troll.'re gonna blame a macro trend for your nonsense? Every stock was down today...
Really? 139000? Really? Dude, you hand on to everything to confirm your bias.
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Recycling articles from March? Come on TSLAQ, you can do better ;)
MrRenev MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, Yes, thank you for pointing that out. Have corrected it. Just getting a little excited about the stock market crashing now that these 6 months of "trade war hopes" have gone into smoke.
@MrRenev, I wouldn't get too excited. Retail is all short, so we'll see a squeeze next week. On top of that, all it's going to take is a tweet to get us back to the 290 levels. Be careful out there!
" I looked at a few similar companies, they usually get valued at 50 million, something like that. "
lol, there are no similar companies.

It's like shorting Apple just before the iPhone came out...
Come join us on the long side, friend.
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This dude is really comparing bitcoin to TSLA. That should be enough of a red flag.
MrRenev MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, Funny, Bitcoin "true believers" use the exact same argument but the other way around.
Tesla is years ahead of anyone is the field. Their new computer for autonomous driving has leapfrogged the competition (Nvidia). They are not a car company, or an energy company, or a tech company, but yet they are all three. Nobody knows how to value the company because they are in uncharted territory. Hybrids, really?, way too many moving parts. Electric is simple and clean, engines will last way longer and repairs will be cheaper. Up or down in the near term is anyone's guess, but over the long run I'd bet on Tesla over your hybrid any day. Good luck on your short, I'll be looking forward to a squeeze.
MrRenev tradingzebras
@tradingzebras, Here we go again with the "its new old methods don't work anymore oh it's magical it's so complex it is new and very complex I cannot understand it it is a new paradigm"
You don't know this, but all you are saying is you are clueless and feel overwhelmed. "People far smarter than me". They're really not that smart. Try getting more sleep, maybe you can see more clearly then.
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