A virtually perfect trade. GL to those who are still in!

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
Ok guys, our trade on TSLA was virtually perfect (technically speaking). You'll find the links to our last 2 analysis, when I pointed the trigger point (Friday) and the analysis we studied on Monday, if you need more details.

But I'll summarize for you. First, Tesla broke the 592, the trigger point, and we had the confirmation of an advanced breakout on the RSI as well.

Tesla did trigger the trade, and it did the pullback to the 596 as we also discussed in our last analysis, giving another chance for the late traders to buy Tesla .

Today, it hit the target we mentioned on Friday, the 626.

Tesla has more upside in the 4h chart, as it is not overbought at all, but since it just hit our target, I think it is time to book profits. It was a perfect trade, and I'll just wait for another opportunity. Also, we have a divergence on the RSI in the 30min chart, so, I don't want to take any chances here anymore. I'll hold a just a small position here, and quit most of it.

I'll keep you guys updated about Tesla .

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Great analysis. Clean charts. Thank you for sharing .
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@chiefwils0n, TY, dear! I appreciate the support! 😸
Looks great. Would you be able to post your analysis on $aapl? Thanks.
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@itsshiva2011, yes, it is! I was about to post it, but nothing changed too much since our last analysis. I'll do another one today.
itsshiva2011 UnknownUnicorn21312077
@UnknownUnicorn21312077, I've been following your analysis this week. You have been spot on. Thanks for posting your analysis.
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@itsshiva2011, Ty for the support! I'll keep sharing my ideas 😉
Not so perfect was the call from May 5?
TSLA at a support + good divergence with upside target 733
@bjorn2z, obviously not! In order to see a perfect trade, the trade must be triggered. Every time a trade is triggered, I'll set it as a long or short idea. Pay more attention next time! Take care.
bjorn2z UnknownUnicorn21312077
@UnknownUnicorn21312077, Pay more attention? To what? You agreed that your message from May 5 was not so perfect. We are in agreement on that point. :-)
Which gap do you think TSLA will fill first? 733 or 420?
@bjorn2z, Pay attention to the idea, if it is long or short. The trade was not triggered, so, no trade, no perfect trade.