It almost hit our target today! What's next for us here?

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
TSLA is doing very well, as it did trigger the buy sign we’ve been talking about, and it is flying right now. All the points we talked about in our last analysis are working pretty well. It did a false breakout from the bearish pivot point in the 30min, and it did a hammer that closed above the 20ma, a buy sign for sure.

But a correction to the 596 is expected, and TSLA was pretty overbought today.

Anyway, TSLA just broke a pivot point , and the trend is now bullish .

We have a better view about the importance of the 596 in the 4h chart. Tesla might seek it again, but since it just broke the pivot point in the 30min, this could reverse the trend in the 4h chart as well.

Anyway, TSLA almost hit our target at 626, but I think it’ll still hit there, let’s just give it more time. If TSLA breaks the 626, the 683 is the second target.

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