TESLA forming Triangle pattern, wait for the breakout..

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
the price is forming a triangle like structure, I expect the price to range for some time and If price manages to break above the structure(triangle) I expect the price to move higher.
In case, If price breaks below the support, It will be a very big bearish sign for TSLA ..

Contrary to popular opinion, a descending triangle can be either bearish or bullish . Traditionally, a regular descending triangle pattern is considered to be a bearish chart pattern. However, a descending triangle pattern can also be bullish . In this instance it is known as a reversal pattern.

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I wonder if Burry is still in his TSLA short trade...
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@hh098, I bet he is. Real fireworks haven't even started
Ford kinda smacked them down .. i would sell and move to Ford. Crazy I know.
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@NOYZfm, funniest thing I read today
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I don’t know. As much as I would love TSLA to break higher, that pattern looks like a descending triangle and on the monthly the MACD looks like it’s gonna go bearish
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hieuimba sftimeless
@sftimeless, yes, contrary to popular beliefs multiple retests of a level actually weakens it
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That's a descending triangle. It's bearish. Same as dogecoin
Excellent work , thanks mate ;)
Good job 👍, thanks for sharing 😊