NASDAQ:TTGT   TechTarget, Inc
A lot of green and closing in on top band with DMA on 80. Close to overbought on daily RSI set on 80.

There is a bullish marubozu candle which can function as a bullish Belthold down at the bottom. The green marubozu candle has 2 shaven heads, both top and bottom and indicates the bulls controlled the entire day. Price never dipped below the open and closed at the high. The top of a green candle is the close. The bottom of a red candle is the close. There is also a bearish marubozu candle. A very small wick or shadow is permitted.

Hammers work best at the bottom of a downtrend. They can be red or green, preferably green. The longer the bottom shadow is the better, because it shows the bears tried to take price down and the bulls fought hard to keep it up.

Deliberation occurs after 2 or more nice sized green (uptrend) or red (in a downtrend) candles, followed by a relatively smaller candle of the same color. This indicates a possible slowing of momentum in the trend and is often not bullish or bearish , just something to be aware of.

No recommendation.

Short percent is around 7.9% which is not terribly high but not as low as I like to see. Successful short traders are usually advanced traders so I do pay attention. They are not always right.

Vertical lines on chart are earnings dates.

Negative volume is very high indicating that smart money is on this one.

Monthly and weekly candles are bullish .

Long entry level is important to the soul (o: