TVSMotor [Short Idea] 15 Min

No PCL broke for last 5-6 candles
Short if it breaks now with SL mentioned

Note :-

Entry - At the break of mentioned candle's low/high

Stop Loss -
In a Short Trade, I always use Previous Candle High ( PCH ) as a stop loss while entering the trade. Sometime I might use smaller tf SL & trade in 15M or 30M tf which I'll mention. Vice Versa for long trades

Trailing Stop Loss ( TSL ) - Mostly I trail stop loss by PCH as price falls . I exit as PCH breaks & vice versa

Use of PSAR indicator as TSL :- TSL get's hit in trend following due to noise, In such cases I use PSAR to be in trend & exit if PSAR direction change ( PSAR : Parabolic Stop n reverse )

You can use any one of above mentioned or your own way to manage risk

Time Frame :- I take ~ 90% of my intraday trades in 15m tf. Where my analysis might come from higher frames like W , D or 1hr chart pattern which will be mentioned.

Target :- I do set target line based on support / resistance slightly above/ below it . Please pay attention to it