Twitter $ 50 or $ 20? A look from space

NYSE:TWTR   Twitter Inc
I decided to look at the monthly TF and found on Twitter a bullish triangle trend continuation figure, the development of this figure can bring the price to the region of $ 50. But on the weekly TF H&S figure, and this, as we know, is a reversal formation for the price, respectively, the development of this figure will send the price to $ 20, or even lower.

So, what I will try:

For the passage and fixing the price for $ 36 (here we have a large volume of transactions + strong resistance levels of weekly and monthly TF), stop 3%, profit around $ 48-49 (35%)

There are thoughts to get up the aisle and fixation of $35, but I would like to see how the price behaves when it gets there, I may get ahead of the curve this way and stop would near by.

But if all the same we observe the formation of the H&S , then the second scenario is as follows:
Selling down the aisle and fixing the price below $ 28.5 (this is support on the monthly TF), stop 3-4%, profit around $ 19 (33%)

Now we are approaching $ 35 without skating, see if we can get in there and stay there or the next bottom is waiting for us)

By the way, on the daily tf, the upper limit of BB and 50% Fibonacci retracement is $ 37, so it is quite possible to pass the price here and already roll back from $ 37, with consolidation above $ 36