UNITED AIRLINES; Ready for Take Off or Have We Not Even Landed?

NASDAQ:UAL   United Airlines Holdings, Inc
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Good morning, this is your captain speaking 👨‍✈️, looks like United Airlines ( UAL ) may be in for turbulence depending on the reaction at support here. Today we are looking to see if UAL is going to retain its short term uptrend, giving us a smooth landing, or if we are going to be looking at a double bottom or lower.


1. Fractal Trend is showing a downtrend (Red background color) for UAL on the hourly chart.

2. Breakaway Scalper is currently neutral (Grey bar color), so we have no trade.

3. With this strategy we enter long ONLY when Fractal Trend shows a Green background and Breakaway Scalper shows a Green bar color. We enter short on opposite conditions (Red on Red) and otherwise want to be in cash.

4. While there is still a question if airlines in general are bottoming or are going to see more downside (many airline charts look like this, as does the airline ETF JETS), for now we are still holding support as illustrated on the chart.

5. If supports holds, we will be looking for reactions at R1 and R2 resistance. After that we have the top of the current price structure at R3 and then otherwise bearish order blocks at R4 - R6 which were formed on the way down.

6. Support levels below include the bullish order blocks at S1 - S3.

7. It is likely the fate of the airlines is tied overall to the market's reaction to the state of COVID and the economy. Do we reopen and start getting back to normal? That is of course bullish for airlines. Do we try to come out of hiding only to see our shadow and then find ourselves with weeks more of lockdown? In that case there could be a chance airlines haven't even landed yet.