UBER stock desperately needs to breakout from the box!

NYSE:UBER   Uber Technologies, Inc
Hi everyone,

Today we are taking a look at NYSE:UBER price movement.
We are using boxes with levels and fixed term volume profile .

What has been happening?

NYSE:UBER stock is pretty volatile asset in general (leaving out all meme stocks obviously). During last 7 months it has been moving in 37-56 price range with POC at 46-47 level.

Last 2 months, however, the price spent in a consolidation box in the 42-48 zone.

Volume profile for this period is not distributed uniformly, with value zone from 44,5 to 47,3 and POC at 45,5.

Where are we now?

As of 17th Nov close, we are at the bottom line of the value zone at 44,4.

Due to the fact that stock price did not close significantly outside the value zone, a reversal to 45,5 POC level is expected.

Moreover, longer-term POC of 46,9 is likely to be revisited.

What to expect?

I want to see profile structure repair at the value zone. That would signal of healthy price development.

Second biggest volume node is at 47, so I expect POC to migrate there if we stay in the value zone.

Looking even further down the road, break of 48,7 box level takes us to 51,8.

As always, trade wisely and good luck!
This is not financial advise